Breakout Dinosaurs launch at the ROM

Hugh Brewster and Alan Barnard sign books at the ROM bookstore

BREAKOUT DINOSAURS: Canada’s Coolest, Scariest Ancient Creatures Return! by Hugh Brewster and the curators of the Royal Ontario Museum and illustrated by Alan Barnard had a smashing launch as  part of the gala opening of the ROM’s new Age of Dinosaur and Age of Mammals Galleries on December 15-16, 2007. They are the first two permanent exhibit halls to open in the museum’s spectacular new Michael Lee-Chin Crystal and showcase over 750 specimens (including 50 dinosaurs) among them a ferocious T.Rex and “Gordo”  a massive 24-metre Barosaurus, the largest dinosaur displayed anywhere in Canada. Despite ferocious weather,  hundreds of people crowded the galleries and came to our presentation in the ROM theatre. A particularly popular feature was illustrator Alan Barnard drawing an original dinosaur sketch on the endpaper of each copy of Breakout purchased. Alan returned to give an easel talk at the ROM on December 29th.

For a Podcast pf Hugh Brewster talking about Breakout Dinosaurs and the ROM’s collection go to and click on “Podcasts.”

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